Nuvite Aluminum Polish

I think we’ve tried every polish on the market. Rolite, Flitz, Mother’s, Meguiar’s and a host of others. And most of them are quite good. But I don’t know of anyone who has tried Nuvite aluminum polish and gone back to what they were using before. The consensus is that it does everything better. It’s a bit expensive but well worth it.

Nuvite comes in 5 grades, from coarse (for rough, oxidized aluminum) to fine (for final finish polishing). Start with a grade that is appropriate for the starting condition of the aluminum. After completely polishing the item with the coarse grade, repeat the process with the fine grade to achieve a smooth, brilliant final polish.

For more detailed information on which grade to use, read the Nuvite Application Guide. Always experiment in an inconspicuous area first. If you are starting a serious polishing project we recommend you first try our sample pack of 1/4 lb. cans which contains one of each of the standard grades and experiment a bit.

A little goes a long way. One pound of the “S” finish grade will be enough to do the average Airstream Trailer. About 1/8 lb will be enough to do the finish polish on a small airplane. However you will use considerably more than this when first polishing oxidized surfaces with one of the coarser grades, but once it the shine is there, it doesn’t take much to keep it there.

We have recently added Grade F9 to the product list. This grade is very coarse and very aggressive and has application in severe cases of corrosion or in smoothing out rough mill finishes on new aluminum. When used with the compounding polisher it will blend scratches and remove corrosion much faster than the F7, but it also leave very pronounced swirl marks that will have to be removed with a second compounding with a less aggressive grade of polish, such as F7 or C, before moving on to the Cyclo polisher.

Commercial Polishers: Please inquire about our discounts for volume users. Note that we also stock the Grade ‘A’ and Grade ‘F10’ in 1-lb containers.

Nuvite is sold by weight, not volume. The jars will be about 3/4 full.

Stock Availability of Nuvite Products
All grades and sizes are now in stock.

We also have Grade A and Grade F10 in stock in the 1-lb size. These are special grades used by some commercial detailers and not generally used for routine polishing. Call or email if you need these grades. We stock high-quality metal polish and metal polishing equipment to help you find the best products under one roof. As experienced metal polish suppliers, we always put quality and durability first.