About Microfiber Cloth

What It Is

Microfiber is a man-made product that is used to make a variety of cleaning implements such as polishing cloths, buffing bonnets, and multi-purpose cleaning cloths. This picture is an actual microphotograph of a cross section of one strand of microfiber. There are approximately 200,000 of these strands in each square inch of fabric. The fiber is so fine that a 12″ x 12″ cloth contains 1,300,000 yards of microfiber thread. The fiber is woven into thousands of loops, creating a huge surface area which traps bacteria, dust, dirt and grease.

Microfiber is softer than silk, non-abrasive and lint-free. It can be used on any surface without scratching. Yet it is much more durable than cotton.

How it Works

When microfiber is dry it cleans by static electricity and when wet it cleans by capillary force. As the static and capillary force do most of the cleaning work, the use of chemicals is minimized. Microfiber leaves the surfaces that it cleans virtually free of any foreign material.

When microfiber cloths are dry they are used primarily for dusting. The dust is trapped in the millions of microfibers and clings tightly so it doesn’t shake out like dust from a feather duster or regular cloth. When wet they are used for surface cleaning. A spray bottle is used to apply a fine mist of water and the microfiber basically “grabs” and “holds” all foreign material until they are laundered. The cloths do most of the cleaning work so soap and chemicals are usually not needed. Soap and chemicals can be used however, if desired.

The animated graphic below illustrates why microfiber cleans so much better than other materials.


The two most common constructions are “Terry Style” and “Suede Style”. The terry style is best suited for general purpose cleaning. The suede style works best in polishing applications such as cleaning eye glasses or jewelry. Our towels are the terry style, thick and plush. Don’t confuse our premium towels with the $2.00 microfiber towels found in stores. There is a huge difference in performance between inexpensive and quality microfiber.

Using Microfiber

Dry, any of our towels can be used for dusting. Since each towel will absorb 7 times its weight in water these towels make excellent drying towels for dishes and countertops. Use our large towel as a chamois to dry your car. To clean any surface, just spray a little water water on the surface and wipe dry with the towel.

The towels can be used wet also. Just ring the towel as dry as possible. If a microfiber towel is dripping wet it could leave streaks on the surface you are cleaning.

When dirty, just throw the towel in the washing machine with any detergent. It’s best if they are laundered separately because they may absorb lint from other cloth. Never use fabric softener. Microfiber towels are extremely durable and can be laundered dozens of time.